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Toby McCrindle is Head of Legal and Compliance at Divido. 

Divido works with over 1,000 partners including Nordea Finance, BNP Paribas, BMW, Mastercard and Shopify, providing a white-labelled embedded finance solution at point of sale.

Toby McCrindle Divido

Shortly after Toby joined in 2021, Divido raised a $30 million Series B funding round. Divido has since grown by over 50% and was recently named as one of the top 50 fintech companies in the UK by the TechRound Fintech50.

Faced with a sharp increase in the volume and complexity of legal work at Divido, Toby identified a need for a system that would enable the legal team to pull everything together in one place, provide greater transparency to the business and provide meaningful data on the team’s performance.

Can you describe a typical day/week for the legal team at Divido?


The Legal & Compliance Team at Divido plays a key role right across our business. The Team provides leadership on commercial contracting with our clients, partners, and suppliers, typically negotiating complex master services agreements on a weekly basis. The team also spends a significant amount of time working on complex data problems and requests. 


What prompted you to consider introducing a matter management solution? 



The volume and complexity of the legal team’s work has grown significantly as the business has expanded. With work coming into the team via an array of channels – such as Slack, email, Confluence or in person – we needed to consolidate our workstreams into one place.

Prior to implementing Tabled, we maintained a Google sheet of open matters, manually populated by the team when a request came in. We ran this for 12 months, which was a good start but it was clear that there were big efficiency gaps in this process and it was not visible to the business. It was key for us that we come up with a way to remove the “mystery” around legal.

It was therefore important to me to find a system that would provide also create greater transparency for the business and provide meaningful data on the team’s performance. 


What other options did you consider and why did you ultimately decide to adopt Tabled? 


We looked at a broad range of options, many of which claimed similar capabilities but, interestingly, fell into a very broad range of price points. We discounted systems that had AI capability and in-platform negotiation, as this was not a good fit for our business.

When we had a demonstration of Tabled, one thing that stood out immediately was its simplicity. Visually it is easy to read and well-designed with the users in mind. The workflow management tool is simple, effective and provides a great way to get a quick view on who is doing what and for whom. 

Also crucial was that Tabled was fast to deploy, no-code and ready to go on day 1. 

Ultimately, Tabled provided the core functionality we needed, at a price point that made the decision incredibly easy. 


How did you go about getting buy-in from your team and other stakeholders? How did Tabled help with this?


Our biggest user-constituency is the commercial team. To get quick buy-in and uptake, we asked a few team members to trial the system for a week prior to launch and then join us during the launch calls to provide a testimonial and champion its use. This proved to be very effective and the system has been adopted without any disruption. The Tabled team were great in the early days in supporting our team in building simple workflows and creating a good user experience. 


How did you find the onboarding/implementation process?


The implementation process was fast, straightforward and enabled us to get working quickly. The Tabled team were on hand to advise and even built us a new feature to enable whistleblowing through the system.


What have been the key benefits for your team and the business since starting to use Tabled?


Tabled has enabled us to achieve our core aims of consolidating our workflows, giving the business more transparency and unlocking useful data about the team’s performance.

Being able to streamline the way we onboard and collaborate on work saves time for us and our clients and having a ‘single version of the truth’ keeps everyone aligned and significantly reduces the need for us to provide manual updates. 

Having the data to hand also helps us to manage expectations and demonstrate the value we’re providing – some of our stakeholders have been quite surprised to see the volume of traffic we handle in legal!


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