Connected Legal Working for the New Normal.

Tabled is a matter management and legal operations platform carefully designed to ensure lawyers are connected to their data and clients.


The new normal brings the need for remote digital collaboration and improved visibility of legal work, both internally and amongst distributed external teams.


A growing number of inhouse legal teams and law firms are joining the Tabled ecosystem.  Together, we are building Tabled as the home of Connected Legal Working.  Join us to discover a new approach to client service.


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Key features

Front Door to Legal

Fully customisable Intake and Legal helpdesk

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Team collaboration

Manage legal team members, collaborate with your stakeholders and more.

Document Repositories

Simple document repos to file, capture data, set reminders and share.


Matter management

Control legal matters and workflows.

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Connect with Gmail, Office365, Slack, Document Management and other legaltech solutions



Data and documents always encrypted.

Data and Analytics Drive Client Service

Unlock bottlenecks with data and KPIs. Track utilization of your team and sources of work.

Our team

Jesus Vera Diaz
Matthew Salamon
Arun Thangavel

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