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Tabled unlocks data and improves collaboration internally and externally.

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Full-stack data, user and workflow management across web, mobile and web3.

Tabled streamlines complex workflows with simple dashboards and automation to deliver visibility, shared knowledge, data insights and efficiency.

3 simple steps to take control of workflows.

Legal Front Door

Data intake and Know-how Provision

The easiest way to create a front door to your team. 

Direct clients to your branded legal and compliance landing page, with intake and Client-Self Service Options.

Manage work efficiently

Triage work and follow workflows.

Collaborate with clients, suppliers and law firms.

Maintain record of work.

Streamline Contract Management.

Legal Triage

Harness Data

Automate reports.

Find bottlenecks.

Demonstrate team value.

You are in good company

“Tabled is a critical linchpin in our process for dealing with large volumes of legal work, providing an easy portal for business users to raise requests with the legal team and for us to manage our workload better, turning our legal team into a far more efficient and data-driven department.

It’s a massive help as it means I can refer work with one click, which is vital.”

James Russell-Jones
General Counsel

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