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The Tabled Vision is to create the future of work, providing simple to use technology to break down silos within and between Organisations.

We do this with humility and invite you to join us on this journey.

Supporting your Culture is our Mission.

Tabled Empowers Employees - a simple and secure way to report tasks to your legal, compliance or claims teams.

Table is a Powerful and Cost Effective End-to-End Case Management System with advanced collaboration capabilities to connect you more effectively to your service providers, like law firms or suppliers.

Tabled will help you streamline the Management of Tasks and Projects, understand and manage your Costs and Data and enhance service delivery with Custom Reporting and Record Keeping.

Key features

Reporting Front Door

Fully customisable Intake and helpdesk

easy share

Team collaboration

Manage resolution team members, collaborate with your stakeholders and more.

Document Repositories

Simple document repos to file, capture data, set reminders and share.


Case management

Control matters and workflows at every step.

easy share


Connect with Gmail, Office365, Slack, Document Management and other workplace solutions to capture the evidence you need.



Data and documents always encrypted.


KPIs and Reporting

Monitor your team performance and track workflows to find bottlenecks and speed up processes. Generate Customer Rerpots


Cost Management and RFPs

Compare and manage costs of service providers such as law firms. Track your quotes in one place.

law Firm Panel

Panel Management

Easily assign work to key stakeholders like law firms and monitor your panel.

A simple but powerful case management, workflow and collaboration hub that works for your clients, internal teams and external service providers.

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