Introducing the Legalops Café

What is Legal Operations?

Legal operations is a relatively new field that focuses on optimizing and streamlining the operations and processes of legal departments within organisations.


The goal is to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase the quality of legal services provided to the organisation.

The field encompasses a range of responsibilities, including things such as project management, financial management, vendor management, data analytics, and technology implementation.


The emergence of legal operations reflects a growing recognition that legal departments need to operate more like businesses, with a focus on efficiency, data-driven decision-making, and strategic planning.

What is the Legalops Café?

The Legalops Café is a growing community hosted by Tabled for  in-house lawyers and legal operations professionals to network and share insights.


Every month, we host a free online meetup for our members to come together for an hour explore a topic of interest to the community.


To help kickstart the discussion, we start by hearing from one or more guest speakers, before moving into Q&A and open group discussion.


We also run polls and host breakout rooms to share learnings between the group and help our members to connect and build relationships with their peers.

Why did we launch the Legalops Café?

As a technology company focussed on supporting in-house legal teams, we speak and work regularly with in-house professionals looking to leverage legal technology and improve legal operations more broadly.


With legal operations being a relatively new that is still evolving quickly, we often heard that they were very keen to connect and compare notes with their peers but had limited opportunities to do so.


Despite the existence of some well-known (and highly valuable) groups and events, there wasn’t a regular, friendly – and free (!) – opportunity to come together in an informal and enjoyable way to build connections and share learnings as part of a community.


The Legalops Café was born to fill this gap in 2021 and has grown into a lively and engaging community.

What topics do you discuss?

Our topics for discussion are community-driven and reflect the evolving interests and challenges of our attendees.

Examples of topics we have explored in the past include: project management; knowledge management, effective business partnering; the data-driven legal team and outside counsel management, to name a few.

Reports from previous sessions can be found on our blog page.

How can I get involved?

If you are an in-house legal or legal operations professional and would like to join the community please register using the button below and let us know a bit about your areas of interest.


If you would be interested in contributing to a future session as a guest speaker or as part of a panel please let us know in the sign-up form or get in touch via email.

About the hosts:

Tabled is a legal work management and collaboration platform that brings together in-house legal teams, their internal clients/stakeholders and outside counsel.


This connected approach means in-house legal teams can manage all their work from one digital workspace which is optimised to suit their needs, for maximum efficiency and visibility. Our user friendly no-code toolkit also enables you to streamline the way you manage and serve templates; automate documents; and create dynamic self-service knowledge resources for the business.


To learn more about the platform please visit our website or request a demo:

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