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Introducing a Legal Front Door at GWI


Verity Sparling is the Head of Legal Operations at GWI. When she joined in April 2022, GWI’s legal team were finding it difficult to track and manage their busy workload with nothing more than a shared inbox and a spreadsheet. This was creating risk, hurting productivity and making it very difficult to produce reliable data that would help to analyse and improve performance.


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Watch the interview to learn:

  • How no longer having to be ‘mind readers’ has helped the legal team to rapidly improve turnaround times
  • How having a single source of truth or ‘helicopter view’ makes it easier to track capacity, manage allocations and stay on top of live matters
  • How Tabled’s no-code toolkit has enabled GWI to introduce self-service workflows and reduce the number of contracts requiring legal review by 40%
  • How they gained the sales teams’ buy-in for a legal front door (and why they love it now!)
  • How Tabled’s workflow data has enabled the team to better track performance and develop more realistic and data-driven individual and team targets

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